The care your skin needs in real time.

A firming day cream, a radiance boosting serum or a soothing treatment for sensitive skin? You can have them all!
At your fingertips whenever you want thanks to DUOLAB formulating device. Like an at-home skincare lab, which allows you to adapt your face care routine according to your needs and desires of the moment.

Capsules + 1 device = 20 personalised skin care options on demand!

Skincare capsules that work as a duo!

To create your personalised dose of face care, choose a capsule duo with ultra-concentrated active ingredients:

  • Capsule 1 - the Moisturising Base, depending on skin type or season,
  • Capsule 2 - the Concentrated Booster to target and treat specific needs.

In total, there are 20 possible treatment combinations that adapt to your skin!

A cutting edge device that formulates your product on demand.

In under 2 minutes, the LAB device emulsifies and blends your product, warming it up to skin temperature for a unique sensorial experience and improved absorption.

Our unique technology activates the ingredients within the capsules moments before application to maximise their potency and effectiveness.

The Subscription Offer: for convenience and simplicity.

Easy. Practical. Economical.

With the Subscription Offer, you become your own skin care expert, combining capsule DUOs adapted to your skin and its needs.
You will receive your capsules delivered to your doorstep every month and will be free to adapt your choice of capsules according to your desires and seasonal preference at anytime.

  • Save 40 CHF on the LAB device.
  • Save 30% on all of your skincare orders.
  • Capsules delivered automatically, every month.
  • Maximum flexibility guaranteed.