Demand more. More common sense. More efficiency.

A treatment that adapts to your skin (and not the other way around), that's what makes all the difference. DUOLAB pods are optimised to meet your skin's expectations at the right time and with the right ingredients.

Rich in active ingredients of natural origin, available in packs of 14 and 28, they are close to the true nature of your skin and its natural renewal rhythm.

1 Moisturising Base + 1 Targeted Booster = 1 DUOLAB skincare


The Moisturising Base.

Our Moisturising Bases provide your skin with the essential ingredients to improve its moisture balance.

Their function: to maintain your skin’s natural barrier function, shield it from external aggressors (day formulas) and support its nightly regeneration process (night formula).

They are available in several textures to suit different skin types and meet all sensory preferences without compromise.


The Targeted Solution.

These pods are packed with active ingredients of natural origin known for their proven effectiveness. Our formulas contain up to twice the amount of active ingredients compared with the market average.

Their function: to offer your skin targeted support for specific needs in real time.

They work in perfect synergy with all our Moisturising Bases.

Which pack size to choose: 14 or 28 capsules?

Skin cell renewal varies from person to person but on an average, skin renews itself every 28 days.

The 14 capsules pack is enough for half of a skin cycle and to give your skin a targeted boost when needed.

The 28 capsules pack that covers a complete skin cycle is preferred for consistent long term use to obtain visible results.

The key ingredients in our Moisturising Bases


All skin types

Natural ingredients: 100% | Yuka: 100/100

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid forms a protective veil on the surface of the skin to protect it from dehydration.

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetrates deeper into the skin and plump from within.

A natural sugar complex (wood, corn, wheat) works in synergy to lock in hydration levels within the skin.

Glycogen further improves skin hydration, radiance and firmness.


Combination to oily skins

Natural ingredients: 98% | Yuka: 93/100

To enhance the moisturising and softening action of the Signature Complex (hyaluronic acid and konjac), olive extract provides antioxidant properties to protect the skin from free radicals and external aggressions.

Mattifying bamboo powder helps rebalance oily areas such as T-zone thanks to its ability to absorb excess sebum.


Normal to dry skins

Natural ingredients: 98% | Yuka: 100/100

Shea Butter is a brilliant source of natural omega oils, vitamins A & E, polyphenols and fatty acids - all essential components for reinforcing the skin barrier, repairing dryness and soothing away irritation.

Olive extract, high in natural antioxidants helps to protect and maintain the skin's youthful glow.


All skin types

Natural ingredients: 97% | Yuka: 93/100

To maintain optimal skin hydration throughout the night, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid creates a protective film across its surface.

Borage oil adds anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helps repair the skin, nourish and improve its elasticity.

Combined with facial massage, tephrosia extract, relaxes the muscles below the skin surface to smooth tension lines and promote a peaceful night's sleep.

The key ingredients in our Boosters


Skin Firming

Natural ingredients: 98% | Yuka: 72/100

A booster formula with our highest concentration of active ingredients for an overall age-reversing effect.

A combination of hyaluronic acid and powerful peptides to visibly plump and smooth the skin.

Acmella flower extract, with its botox-like effect, eases muscle tension beneath the skin to smooth and reduce expression lines.

Immortelle extract, a natural and better tolerated alternative to retinol, stimulates collagen synthesis and accelerates cell renewal to firm the skin.


Energising Radiance

Natural ingredients: 97% | Yuka: 69/100

At the heart of this energising formula: a cocktail of antioxidant and protective vitamins (vitamins B5 and E) give the complexion a new radiance.

Sea buckthorn oil, stimulates cell regeneration, improves suppleness, hydration and glow.

Light-reflecting micro-pearls give the skin an instant radiant glow upon application.


Refined Texture

Natural ingredients: 97% | Yuka: 55/100

Cranberry AHA is a fruit acid that helps to gently remove dead skin cells, smooth & refine the skin surface and reduce the appearance of pores.

Rosehip extract is rich in polyphenols and has sebum-regulating properties. It helps visibly refine skin texture and reduce acne scars.

Mineral micro-powders help reduce and correct imperfections, improving skin texture and anhancing the complexion for a flawless finish.


Skin Brightening

Natural ingredients: 95% | Yuka: 76/100

The star ingredient in our formula is vitamin C, known for its ability to brighten the skin and reduce hyper pigmentation by inhibiting over-production of melanin.

This is further supported by a trio of active ingredients: liquorice extract, meadowsweet and white mulberry, which act in synergy to further reduce disperse and regulate melanin synthesis.

Finally, ultra-fine rice powder instantly evens out the complexion while micro-pearls particles illuminate and add radiance.


Soothing Comfort

Natural ingredients: 93% | Yuka: 100/100

A formula enriched with bisabolol, known for its soothing properties and ability to reduce sensitivity to external aggressions.

Shea oil deeply nourishes, repairs the skin barrier and provides long-lasting protection and hydration.

Cotton seed oil provides an immediate soothing and softening effect to sensitive skin.

What does my skin need?

To help you identify your needs, the DUOLAB experience begins with a personalised diagnosis exploring your skin qualities and goals. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, you will obtain the ideal capsule duo recommendation to create your doses of personalised care.