Personalised skincare routines with our DUOs

We have designed routines that are specifically tailored to your needs! If you're feeling tired, need some extra hydration, or have sensitive skin at the moment, simply choose the DUO of capsules that's right for you.

Discover our Winter DUOs

Enrich your skin with the Melting Cream and complete your facial care routine with our 3 must-have products of the season to get a soothed, radiant, and firm complexion.

Normal to dry skin

DUO Glowing

Melting Cream + Energizing

Normal to dry skin

DUO Sensitive Skin

Melting Cream + Soothing Comfort

Normal to dry skin

DUO Anti-Ageing

Melting Cream + Firming

Concerns: Anti-Ageing.

Benefits: Smooths and reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while boosting skin elasticity.

What does my skin need?

To help you identify your needs, the DUOLAB experience begins with a personalised diagnosis exploring your skin qualities and goals. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, you will obtain the ideal capsule duo recommendation to create a dose of personalised care each day.