Skincare Discovery Pack

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Skincare Discovery Pack

7 Moisturising Bases + 7 Concentrated Boosters

  • For who? If you're not quite sure which capsules are right for you or are just curious to try several of our textures and formulas, this Discovery Pack is made for you! Discover our entire collection of mix-and-match Duo Capsules allowing you to create up to 1 week of personalised skincare and help you identify the capsules that best suit your needs.
  • What's in it? A selection of 14 capsules: 7 Moisturising Bases (Capsules No.1) and 7 Concentrated Boosters (Capsules No.2) to combine and create 7 doses of tailor-made skincare.
    • 7 Moisturising Bases:
      • 1x Universal Serum (for all skin types)
      • 2x Light Cream (for combination to oily skins)
      • 2x Melting Cream (for normal to dry skins)
      • 1x Night Cream (for all skin types)
    • 7 Concentrated Boosters:
      • 2x Skin Firming Booster
      • 2x Skin Soothing Booster
      • 1x Skin Refining Booster
      • 1x Skin Energising Booster
      • 1x Skin Brightening Booster
How to choose

A pack of 14 Moisturising Bases combined with a pack of 14 Concentrated Boosters provides up to 2 weeks of care.

A pack of 28 Moisturising Bases combined with a pack of 28 Concentrated Boosters provides up to 28 days of care.

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How do I create my personalised skincare dose?


depending on your skin type


to address your specific skin needs

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