Team's Christmas list

The Christmas festivities are approaching fast, so with part of the Duolab team, we got into the spirit and we've put together a "wishlist" of gifts with ideas to put in your letter to Santa, or to spoil your loved ones.


Alain, our Global Managing Director:

"For me, it will be a gift for the whole family: a moment of relaxation in nature at Swiss Cabins. A getaway in one of their chalets in the middle of the Swiss mountains to take a break with the family. A way to recharge and stop time!"




Elsa, our Marketing Manager :

I've put not one, but two gifts on my Christmas list!

A perfect duo for my well-being/yoga moments:

  • A YUJ Yoga Mat, beautiful and eco-friendly, it's the perfect mat!
  • Mizensir scented candle to create a cozy atmosphere during my yoga sessions. These are handmade candles, made in Geneva. I chose the Orange Blossom scent, a comforting smell that I love.



    Stéphanie, our General Manager :

    I could list a ton of gift wishes but here is my choice for my sister (I hope she doesn't read this article!):

    For a cozy winter, I love the cashmere scarfs from the eco-friendly brand Linnea Lund, which keep the neck warm.

    And in addition to being a high-quality brand, the Swedish touch is dear to my heart.



    Sophana, our E-commerce Manager :

    On my Christmas list this year: a beautiful sewing machine from Singer

    Why? To make accessories, specifically luggage, dedicated to outdoor activities: hiking, bikepacking. I'll use recycled technical materials from other objects (damaged tents, bags, etc.).

    The idea is to give them a second life!


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